An Open data system to support innovation in the Mediterranean

As a part of the European project CITEK - which aims to support innovation in the Mediterranean Area – an Open data pilot program was developed in 2014. Its main goal is to promote free data and knowledge sharing in the field of innovation. Thus, it contributes to the development of the economic and social European model. 

Open data consists in providing data in the form of digital files in order to encourage their use by a large audience. The goals of this new tool, managed by the Pedro Nunes Institute (Coimbra), are :

  • To encourage governments to put Open data and access to knowledge in their agenda, in order to improve the available information regarding innovation;
  • To gather people from different backgrounds and with various experience in order to discuss the potential of free data and innovation knowledge;
  • To promote new cooperation projects;
  • To influence the way people use and access to data.

In order to achieve these goals, CITEK project implemented a platform dedicated to Open data. This website gathers data banks supporting the development and improvement of diverse projects by innovation actors. The subjects include crowdfunding, micro-credits, cultural entrepreneurship and innovation centers. The plateform is part of the web application CKAN (Comprehensive Knowledge Archive Networks), the word leader of open source data.

Furthermore, a transnational event exclusively dedicated to Open data and named « Raising awareness of Open data » took place the 16th and 17th october 2014 in Coimbra (Portugal). This meeting involved more than 100 participants and welcomed European experts in the field of Open data. 


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