A project to empower Syrian refugees

Mardi, 30 Avril 2019

UN Women, ILO and the NGO ASAM are implementing a project in Gaziantep, Turkey, the « SADA Women's Cooperative » with refugee women and girls to promote their self-reliance and co-existence with women in the host communities.

The project « Strengthening the Resilience of Syrian Women and Girls and Host Communities » being implemented in Gaziantep, Turkey was celebrated with seminars and meeting on 5 April. Seminars are organised with beneficiaries from Syria, Turkey and Afghanistan and women organisations. The project focuses on the entry of refugee women into labours markets in Turkey.

Seminars are related to:

  • role model : to bring together successful business women and the Project's beneficiaries
  • work permit : information about legal procedures for the access to labour markets by foreignerS
  • social security rights : information was provided on the rights of insurdness particularly women’s rights in the social security system
  • ISKUR Active Labour Market Programmes : information was provided about the Turkish Employment Agency
  • occupational safety and health : occupational diseases, protection methods, equipment for occupational safety, and the legal obligations of employers and workers for protecting against work accidents
  • gender equality at work : the gender-based problems experienced by women at work were discussed

The meeting was very enriching as it brought together women founders of cooperative, beneficiaries and organisations.