The Missing Entrepreneurs 2017 is now available !

December 2017

The OECD and the European Commission have jointly published their first 4th edition of The Missing Entrepreneurs. These series of publications aim to examine and to detail how public policies on their different levels (local, regional and national) manage to support job creation, economic growth and social inclusion by encouraging entrepreneurship among under-represented and disadvantaged groups.

This fourth edition entitled The Missing Entrepreneurs 2017 - Policies for Inclusive Entrepreneurship contains in-depth policy discussion chapters on the quality and the potential of self-employment.

Considering the statistics which show a huge under-representation of the disadvantaged groups such as women, youth or immigrants in entrepreneurship relative to their total share in employment, each chapter of the report discusses current policy issues and tries to provide some expert advices and suggestions, drawing on a significant data section, country by country.

It is freely downloadable by following the link on the section "Read more".