CECOP's manifesto

Thursday, 14 March 2019

In the end of May 2019, the European citizens will elect new European MEPs. In a context of global instability, CECOP-CICOPA calls the European decision-makers for encouraging democracy and social-based values.

CECOP – CICOPA Europe is the European Confederation of cooperatives active in the industry and services. It represents 1.3 million workers in 15 European countries. CECOP-CICOPA has been fighting for 40 years to make cooperative model recognized in public policies.

For the next parliamentary mandate, taking into account how crucial the next 2019 European elections is for all European citizens and for the social enterprises, CECOP proposes a set of 5 objectives:  

  • Recognition of the worker-ownership as an employment relationship characterized by quality and promoted in EU employment policies.
  • Maintain of the European Pillar of Social Rights as a priority in the EU agenda.
  • A balanced social and economic approach in the EU: the EU social and employment policies should not be subordinated to the economic goals of the European Semester.
  • Level playing field for cooperatives in EU policies (entrepreneurship, taxation, access to finance, etc).
  • Strong EU strategy that combines support for emerging industries and preserves traditional industry, which is often subject to closure and relocation, despite its profitability.

In order to achieve these goals, CECOP demands:

  • A « Cooperative Test » – similar to the « the SME Test » - analyzing the possible effects of EU legislative proposals on cooperatives.
  • Support to Member States and adequate funding of the implementation of the European Pillar of Social Rights. 
  • Promotion of a legislative support for the transfer of companies to workers in the form of worker cooperatives.
  • Encourage Member States to adopt legislation regulating cooperatives in which the primary and direct purpose is the delivery of services of general interest.
  • Encourage Member States to adopt legal framework for the establishment of cooperative groups and clusters.
  • Leveraging effect at the European level for cooperative financial instruments.
  • The continuity of the social economy intergroup in the European Parliament.

Economic model of cooperatives is resilient and able to take up the challenges of work in taking into account all workers and encouraging the diversity of entrepreneurship. CECOP fights for social justice in the EU.

POUR LA SOLIDARITÉ - PLS fighting for a work based on social and inclusive values supports the CECOP's manifesto. Our previous newsletter by the way was published in February 2019 with the title « Restoring meaning to the work »