Impact investment

Friday, 17 May 2013
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 Confrontations Europe is organazing a conference on the 17th of May “Social investment, impact investment: actors, objectives, tools – keys for a better understanding“.


“In order to provide guidance for the European Social Entrepreneurship Funds and the Programme for Social Change and Innovation, the European Parliament has empowered the Commission to further specify the rules for implementation, with a view in particular to ” develop a methodology to measure the socio-economic benefits created by social enterprises » and « their impact on the community”. A sub-group of GECES (the Commission’s consultative expert group on social business) was set up to that end ; it should deliver its first conclusions before  summer.”

Issues at stake:

“For whom and for which purpose will the measure of impact be useful ? Are the elements at stake in this discussion between various stakeholders (investors, social entrepreneurs/social economy, policy makers) well understood ? Do their needs, objectives and tools converge ? What are the concrete consequences for the decisions to be taken ?”


  • 9 AM- Introduction by Ariane Rodert, vice-president Group III, EESC
  • Presentation of the research project by Adrien Baudet : the different rationale behind measuring social impact
    • the investors (the new market, their needs and expectations towards measurement tools)
    • the field agents (the scarcity of financing, their needs and expectations towards measurement tools)
    • historical analysis and the key challenges of the decisions of the European Commission.
  • Kick-off by Eve Chiapello, HEC, EHESS
  • First exchange of views : the investors, their motivation, expectations towards measurement tools
  • Second exchange of views : the social entrepreneurs, their motivation, expectations towards measurement tools
  • Summary and follow up
  • End : 1 PM.